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You are the wind beneath my wings….

February 13, 2010

I recently became obsessed with something I’d never even heard before a few weeks ago. Macarons. Not macaroons as in the coconut cookie heaps (which I am an occasional fan of). I’m talking about the amazing little delectable French treats that look too good to be that good. But they are just as good as they look.

A post from a blog that I read often recently caught my attention:

Funny as hell, this chick got me insanely obsessed. I’ve looked up recipes, pictures, local bakeries, etc.

Seriously, look at these pictures and tell me these don’t make your mouth fucking gush…

So my whole concern is that they aren’t as good as they look. I’ve heard reviews say they were bland and dry. Maybe they had shitty ones…cuz the ones I had were fan-FUCKING-tastic! We came across a French Bakery at Pike Place Market, and what a happy surprise that they still had a bunch left at 6 pm.  My moment had finally come, the build up was killing me! But then that first bite…I jizzed in my pants.

I had a Lemon, Chocolate, and a Raspberry one. I can’t even describe the crunchy crust and the chewy moist center…it’s….I’m speechless.

I wish I’d brought my camera to capture the first bite, the moment that I became truly alive, to remember the moment….And if they hadn’t been $1.50 each, I would’ve bought 100 of them. Literally.

Note to Rob: buy me these every gift giving chance you get. And every Friday. I am going to dream that I am drowning in the little wonders…

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  1. rachel permalink
    February 13, 2010 4:45 pm

    quit posting these nummy pics..your not helping my

  2. Adriane permalink
    February 14, 2010 2:14 am

    Hahahaha. These look adorable, but I do picture them tasting like those wafer cookies with stuff in the middle and that only came in vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. I’ll take your word for it that macarons are indeed delicious!

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