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March 30, 2010

It was brought to my attention that I need to update my blog. I apologize, I got distracted.

Speaking of distractions…I HAVE ADD! I just found out last week. I start my Meth today.

That explains SO F-ING MUCH. I always just thought I was fickle. And daydreamy. Is this why I can never settle on one haircolor?

The first one is me now-pretty pretty princess pink. I’m sorry, that was really just an excuse to put together those pics. I’ve always wanted to see a collage of my big face with pretty hair colors.  I don’t think the coloring of the hair will change no matter how much meth they put me on.

See? This meth head still changed her hair color, and it looks great!


My brain rapid-fires through so many trends and fads and the projects that those trends and fads spark never get the attention they deserve.

Let’s take a tour of my not finished projects.

My website:

First of all, the website has no point. The gallery links don’t work, everything list-like is uber outdated.. It hasn’t been updated in…let’s see, and it says that Rob and I have been together 3 years, and it’s going to be 2 years married in a week, plus six years of dating…so…that’s five yeah? I suck at math (especially simple math). Five years with no updates. No intention of updating it.


what a fucking mess!

B&W Hitchcock/Birds Painting – My current portrait I’m working on. It’s almost finished (needs lots of birds), then it’s on its way to Texas.

Adriane’s Painting – Technically done…but I just haven’t delivered it to her yet.

Vino – Painted this the same day my friend’s doggie Vino died about 2 months ago…with the intention of sending it the next day to her in Los Angeles. I decided even though this is pretty accurate for a cartoon Boxer skull, it looks too scary monster-like. Plans were to make it look more loveable doggie-like. Didn’t happen, its been at least a month. Wings still need detail.

Dogs playing poker – commissioned by previous place of work, although not officially enough to get paid for it now that I’ve been fired, so it’s not anywhere near finished. They don’t even have hands/paws to play poker.

Bird stencil – Aforementioned STENCIL FAIL. The frustration of the outcome is why I never finished it, probably not the ADD.

Wall o’ frames – Created this in one of my hyper-focused periods just last week…I spent three days scouring thrift stores for oddball frames, and ripping pages out of books for artwork. Only one frame missing….then it’ll be done, but probably never will, so it’ll look all wonky forever.

Jewelry desk –There are three commissioned projects going on it that heap. It’s messy, yes. It’s also covered in AWESOMENESS. Tell me you don’t love those flowery cabochons I’m working with! If you don’t like them, well, you’re wrong. They’re selling like crazy so mleh.

There’s plenty of other things not done scattered around the house, outside the house, in the garage…

I am hoping I’ll still be as creative minded as before drugs, maybe just be able to budget my time better and actually get a project done. Even all doped up on stims, I’m sure I won’t change all that much…I know my retarded craft antics are what make all my friends love me.

Oh, silly silly Susan!

And with my ADD  post, not to be outdone, here’s my little spazzy ADD puppy Decker doing what he does every second of every day, spaz out:

On a better, not so procrastinatey note….Seven years after originally planning to do this, it’s finally done!

This is a screen cap from the 1998 computer game Grim Fandango. It’s a Day of the Dead video game…seriously, rad. This is a casino scene. Look up on the wall, now back to me, now back on the wall. It’s that thing that I love. Isn’t it preeetty??

Now look at this, it’s my version:

It’s not exact, and that’s good, because then it’s not so much of a blatant rip off.

So I was distracted the entire time writing this: Time this blog started: 11:55 am ; Time this blog is done: 6:00 pm

Slainte, my friends!

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