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My Daddy…is rad!

June 20, 2010

Happy Father’s Day to a really awesome man, my father.

Looking all handsome and young….in 1965.

Being rad, drunk in tijuana (with my hotty totty of a mom).

So cool he can pull off a wig while smoking whatever he’s smoking…

Gettin’ our trinken on in Brussels, about 10 years ago. Oh look, my glass is already empty, imagine that.

Is YOUR Dad cool enough to get tatted up? Well mine is….he now has more tattoos than I do, I think. Ignore the face that the tattoo artist is cross-eyed, he did a good job.

And check this shit out, he’s hanging out with PANDAS! That’s mother f-ing cool.

Can’t forget Grandpa…

He’s rad too, and bad ass. He’s the bad-ass-I-got-my-shit-blown-up-by-a-grenade-and-lived-to-kill-the-guy-who-threw-it-at-me bad ass!

And also thank you Rob, who isn’t a Daddy yet, thank you for that!

But you’re an awesome Uncle!

So to all the men in my life, thank you for being so great, so rad, so cool…you all rock.

I love you Daddy & Grandpa!

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  1. Rob permalink
    June 20, 2010 1:54 pm

    That panda looks fucking PISSED. It’s amazing your dad didn’t come home with a big fucking panda hole in his face. And why’d you choose the picture where it looks like I’m about to throw my nephew into a jet engine? 😛

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