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Stencil FTW

February 5, 2011

About a year ago, I got the great idea to redecorate my bathroom. It was a stark shade of off white, and it felt so sterile every time I’d be dropping a deuce or showering. I wanted warmth while I pooped.

So I painted two walls a rich chocolate brown. Not poop brown, chocolate brown. My intention was to paint a tree branch with birdies on the main wall, in a bright green to match our towels. I decided that painting free hand would take too long, I decided to make my own stencil.

You can read about my failure here.

Here’s a picture of what became of my bathroom wall (which by the way is still looking like this after a year-I gave up):

Today I found an awesome new blog to follow: Lemon Tree Creations.

Among her posts of great home decor and craft ideas, was this post, showcasing her addition to her bedroom, a pretty white peony above her bed.

Did she free hand it? No. Did she make her own stupid stencil out of paper? No. Crafty bitch here bought a stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils. Shit. There’s a retailer of stencils out there? And a SHIT TON of branches with birds?

Balls. If I’d thought about it, I would have looked for this. But I didn’t. I have a one track mind when it comes to crafting. If I think of completing a project a certain way, that’s the way it has to be done.  Hence,

The real kicker is the price. The stencils are super cheap! Like $16-35 cheap! There are of course more elaborate ones that are more pricey, but the ones I’m looking at are $34! I probably spent more than that on the paper combined with my time and energy wasted.

Next time I get a grand idea to do something big like painting a fucking tree on a wall, I will look for alternate ways of my original plan.

Screw you, wall.

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