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Alright, fine. I’m a Seahawks fan.

February 3, 2014

I’m a joiner. I enjoyed the Seahawks win last night…total bandwagon fan. I think it started when my place of work (screen printing tees) was approached by Nike to do the official tees. We (meaning everyone else-I played hostess to the Nike reps), printed about 9,000 shirts in a couple days for the championship game a couple weeks ago. I took a fancy grid-like pic of the whole deal & my boss instagram’d it & Macklemore “liked” it, or hearted it or whatever (that makes me cool, right?).


So because of all the hoopla, I got excited for the Superbowl.  I loved the whole Richard Sherman thing, loved seeing everyone rally to back him up as not being a psycho.

It is very cool to see the whole “12th Man” thing in action. I’ve never seen anything like the fans of this team. My sister and her friends go to games all the time (her best friend has season tickets) or at least go out to bars to watch-and my sister always goes all out with Seahawks pride.


(my seester & Sherman)

And THEN Rob (super lucky husband) finds out his Dad is taking him to the game. To the FUCKING SUPERBOWL. In New York. In two days. Gah. I was super jealous but happy he got to go. Not jealous because I wanted to go see the game, but jealous because he was going on a trip. I got over it though. He left a few days before the game so he got to see some cool ass shit leading up to the game-including a for reals Seahawks bar (like for reals, not just for the game). Also tons of pics of all the insane support for the team.


Plus fun little things to do around the city…


So then they get to their seats. Jesus Christ.

game1 game2

Amazing seats, right? Most of the action was right there, too, so they got a great view of the whole damn game.

So we’re doing the printing again for the Seahawks Super Bowl Nike Extravaganza…by we I mean everyone else and I played dress up:


So yeah, super proud to live in a city with such awesome fans that support their awesome team. I might even go watch the game in public with my Sister and her Super-Friends.


Go hawks!

(did I just say that?)

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