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Chloe’s Bucket List

January 5, 2017

We just lost our Chloe to cancer. She was eleven years old.

She was an amazing creature, and everyone who had ever met her loved her. Every time we would take her into the vet, everyone fawned over her – telling us she’s the best dog they’ve ever worked with (which I just love because they see a TON of dogs). Even the Oncologist said how pissed she was it turned out to be cancer. People were shocked that she wasn’t a puppy because she was always so excited, they tell us she’s the sweetest dog they’ve met, she has the coolest coloring (followed by “cata-what?” when told she’s a Catahoula), she’s the happiest girl they’d ever met…there are too many awesome comments to remember.


She was our baby-girl, our first pet together. We adopted her in 2007 when she was about a year old, and have had the pleasure of being her dog-parents for almost ten years.

We wanted her to enjoy her last bit of life, so as soon as we found out she had limited time, we created a bucket list for her. We were lucky enough to have almost a year to complete it. Now that it’s over, I wish we had come up with more.

Here is the short list that we came up with – and we’re pretty sure she enjoyed herself. We had a bittersweet time putting this list together – which I feel is pretty kick-ass, and she deserved a kick-ass send off from this world.


Eat a Hamburger

McDonald’s cheeseburgers @ Lake Geneva – Auburn, WA

Photo recreate

2009 & 2016

Taken on our 1st Wedding Anniversary & our 8th Wedding Anniversary

Aunt Helen’s House @ Ocean Shores, WA

Visit the Lake


Lake Geneva – Auburn, WA


Have Fish n’ Chips & a pint at an Irish Pub


Galway Bay Irish Pub – Ocean Shores, WA **

Chase seagulls on the beach

Chloe running

Big bro Xander (another Catahoula) @ Ocean Shores, WA

Lay in front of the fireplace, even though it’s 80 degrees outside (in July)


With little bro Decker, who also loves fire on a hot day. This one hurt Mommy & Daddy. So hot.

Ride shotgun


She loves riding next to Daddy  in the pickup.

Celebrate her 11th Birthday


This one we never thought we’d see.

So that’s it. Like I said, I wish we had come up with more.

Chloe was the best dog. Scrappy for sure (just ask the few dogs she didn’t get along with), but loveable & affectionate to the end. Below is a photo of Chloe comforting my Grandpa Carl who was dying from cancer. We didn’t know she had cancer, too…or that just a year and half after this photo was taken she’d be gone like Grandpa.



I miss her so much already, and I’m not quite sure how I’m going to deal with not seeing her run to the door to greet us every night when we get home from work. It breaks my heart that she won’t get to meet our baby boy who is due in March, and that he won’t know her at all. She would have been a good fur-sister.

We love you, Chloe-bird.


And just because, here are some pictures of our baby girl.




** Don’t freak out, Chloe didn’t want to even touch the Guinness….Rob drank it with no hesitation







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